Some immortal moments with CHW while taking you guys to GOA

It’s no secret that goa is a favorite beach destination in India .it has a laidback lifestyle, hippie vibe, glorious scenic beaches, natural tranquility, beach sports, and its great destination year-round, but visiting goa during summer is quite a special experience. Goa is a famous most favorite tourist destination. The state of Goa, in India, is famous for its beaches and place of worship. The coastal areas of goa is giving fantastic touch to this destination. CHW giving an amazing tour for goa to do something different in your boring work life

Roll your mind towards the places to visit near goa and admire the best possible locations for a weekend getaway near the state. Varying from the buzzing beaches of tarkarli to gushing waterfalls of emboli. The view of the waterfalls is extremely amazing and stunning. Book your luxurious hotels and resorts with CHW. We assuring you to give a marvelous experience with us

Goa’s surroundings boast numerous prime locations most of them are not too far from the state thus are the best option if you want a peaceful trip and away from the crowd. Relaxing over the side of the beach gives you calming effect on your mind and body. Doing some other activities like playing, making sands castle on the beach, chit-chat, with your friends while seeing a glamorous sunset. All these never-ending moments give COURTYARD HOLIDAYS WORLD so, enjoy it with us.

This PEARL OF THE EAST is surrounded by so many hottest shindigs

Like the DEVBAGH providing a scenery of the Western Ghats on one side and the sparkling Arabian Sea on the other side. Goa is filled with your dream fantasies

With the point of history, goa is rich with our Indian history. Portugal ruled Goa for almost 450 years and Vasco da Gama landed in Goa, 1542 more Portuguese arrived in 1510 looking to gain control of the spice root from the east and two years later Goa became a Portuguese colony. By traveling with CHW you will go through the historical facts of Goa while exploring it with us. Even the food in Goa showcases the state’s Portuguese influence.

By traveling Goa with CHW you can see India’s largest waterfalls surrounded by dense jungle, and cascading down mountains behind a railway line, it’s a sight to behold, witness its beauty with your own eyes

Shake yourself from your comfort zone and think about an astonishing visit to Goa with COURTYARD HOLIDAYS WORLD.